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Repair Types: Sink Replacement

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The large bowl of this double sink had a drain crack. We begin the project by disconnecting the plumbing.

Next, we support the old sink with a hydraulic jack, and attach a vacuum hose to the drain hole to aid in dust control.

Then, we secure the vacuum hose with duct tape and attach it to a portable shop vacuum.

This is a special router bit we use to undercut and remove the sink.

Using the router and a special template for stability and dust control, we cut the back of the sink free from the countertop.

We cut the sides and front of the sink in the same fashion.

Now, we have separated the sink from the countertop.

The old sink is gone and we are preparing the new sink for installation.

Again, we use a hydraulic jack to support the new sink in position.

We use blue masking tape to aid in precise positioning of the new sink, and aluminum tape to prevent the adhesive from dripping down the sides of the sink.

After the adhesive has cured, we use another special router bit to trim away the excess adhesive.

The sink has been sanded and buffed, and we are now drilling the faucet holes.

Finally, we have reconnected the plumbing, and the sink replacement is now complete.

“Very great job. So happy the way it turned out. Thanks a bunch!!!”
Dan & Karen Berringer
Sacramento, CA
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