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Repair Types: Seam Separation Repair

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This countertop had a seam separation starting at an inside corner.

We are using the Andreas Template System for a strong and accurate repair.

We've removed the damaged countertop material.

Using a special router bit, we've beveled the edge of the repair area. We've also removed additional damaged material from beneath the seam.

We use a portable router table to make a precise patch piece with a reverse bevel. We control the dust with a portable shop vacuum.

We've trimmed the patch piece to size. In this picture, it is still attached to the template with hot melt glue.

The patch piece and various reinforcements are ready to be bonded into place.

We've glued up the repair, and the joint adhesive is curing.

The repair is now ready to be trimmed and sanded.

We use a router to reshape the front edge, and a random orbit sander to smooth and buff the countertop.

We've completed an inconspicuous and durable repair.

“Outstanding professional job – best I’ve ever seen!!”
Jana Grant
Fremont, CA
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