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Repair Types: Cooktop Crack Repair

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This countertop had a crack though the edge in front of the cooktop cutout. Heat related warping of the front edge resulted in edge misalignment at the failure. We've disconnected and removed the cooktop.

We've installed a temporary plywood brace to realign the front edge.

Using the Andreas Template System and a special router bit, we route away the damaged area, and bevel the edge of the repair precisely.

We lay out the size of the patch piece using the matching template piece.

We rough cut the patch piece and secure it to the template using hot melt glue.

Using a portable router table and a special router bit, we route a reverse bevel on the patch piece for a precise fit.

We use a portable shop vacuum to control the dust.

We've routed the patch piece.

A mist of denatured alcohol helps release the hot melt glue, enabling us to remove the patch piece from the template.

We've cut away the excess portions of the patch piece.

Now, we've laid out a reinforcing block to be bonded beneath the repair area.

We've test fit the reinforcing block below the repair area.

It is now time to bond the repair in place using joint adhesive.

We've clamped the repair in position until the adhesive cures.

The repair is now ready for finishing.

Using a random orbit sander, we sand and buff the repair. The shop vacuum collects the dust.

We've successfully patched and reinforced the crack, and restored the edge alignment.

The repair is complete.

“Great job! Cleaner than when he got here! Thank you!”
Jenny & Wells White
Roseville, CA
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