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Repair Types: Stainless Collar Job

To order a stainless steel collar of any size, click here.

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This countertop had two cracks. The first was a failure of a previous repair at the front left corner of the cooktop. This unsuccessful repair had been completed by another company.

The second failure was a new crack which extended to the wall starting at the left rear corner of the cooktop. Because of multiple, repeat failures, we recommended an in-depth repair using a stainless steel cooktop collar.

Obvious heat damage can be seen on the left edge of the cooktop cutout.

After we've rough sanded the surface, both the failures and the heat damage are readily apparent.

Using the Andreas Template System, we routed away the damage at the left front corner.

We prepared a patch and a reinforcing block for this failure.

Repair of the crack at the back corner involved skilled hand work with a Dremel tool.

We completed patches and a reinforcing block for the failure at the left rear corner.

The repairs have been bonded in place.

Using a router guided by a straight edge, we begin enlarging the cooktop cutout.

The repairs have been completed, and we have enlarged the cooktop cutout significantly. The heat damage has been eliminated.

After sanding and buffing to restore the original finish, we begin installing a plywood support frame, which we attach to the cabinets. The front piece of plywood has been screwed into position.

We have finished installing plywood support members on all four sides of the cooktop cutout. The plywood frame provides both structural support and insulating value.

Two protective tapes are added. First, we staple DuPont Nomex white felt insulating tape to the plywood around the perimeter of the cutout. Then, we add 3M 4 mil aluminum conductive tape on all sides of the frame.

We have had a custom stainless steel collar fabricated to match the consumer's cooktop. In this case, the sides of the collar are curved, and it has an appliance-grade black powder coat finish for a compatible appearance.

We have reinstalled the cooktop.

The stainless steel collar, the plywood support frame and the two protective tapes work as an integrated system to protect the countertop from further damage with effectiveness in excess of 99%.

To order a stainless steel collar of any size, click here.

“Excellent work and clean up. Helpful with questions asked. Professional and friendly.”
Neil Newland
San Pablo, CA
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