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Environmental and Social Responsibility

TopRepair's business model is a green and environmentally responsible idea:

We believe that it is far better for the environment to repair, renew and modify old countertops rather than to remove them and replace them with new ones. It is also much more economical. Over the past fifteen years, we have saved thousands of countertops by restoring them to look like new again, and kept uncounted tons of old countertop scrap out of our landfills. We have successfully repaired and renovated countertops made of solid surface materials, granite, marble, quartz, concrete and wood butcher block. Many times, we've repaired countertops that other experts said couldn't be saved. TopRepair is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
TopRepair travels throughout Northern California and Nevada in our fleet of three energy-efficient Honda Fit vehicles. We donŐt need to drive gas-guzzling pickup trucks like so many other contractors when the versatile Honda Fit will carry all of the tools and equipment we use. The Honda Fit is rated in the Top Ten by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for outstanding fuel economy and low greenhouse gas emissions.

Our fuel efficient Honda Fits at Pixar Studios, the Oscar winning animators. We recently renovated marble countertops in their company cafe.

We are a home-based family business, and we strive to operate our company in an environmentally responsible fashion. We purchase recycled paper products, and recycle a broad range of materials ourselves. Most of the raw materials we use to repair countertops are recycled scrap from other countertop jobs. We select all of the supplies we use based on strict environmental and safety standards. We are proud to have reduced our energy consumption significantly in recent years.

We are also committed to social responsibility and making a positive contribution to our community and the environment. We have selected the three outstanding charities described below, because they symbolize our personal values. We pledge to offer a discount to any customer who makes a donation to any one of these three charities at the time that we are paid for our work. Click here for a coupon, or just ask us.

We support Habitat for Humanity because we believe that every person deserves a safe, decent and affordable home. Habitat for Humanity and its millions of volunteers have built over 300,000 affordable homes for deserving poor families across the country and worldwide.
We support the American Cancer Society and its Relay for Life fundraiser because cancer affects nearly every family, and this organization provides almost $700 million every year to help find a cure, to help prevent cancer and to educate the public about all forms of cancer. It has provided research grants to 42 Nobel Prize laureates. Annually, we sponsor the stage at the Relay for Life in our home town of American Canyon, CA.

We support the Yosemite Fund because of our love for Yosemite National Park, the jewel of California's Sierra Nevada, and for all of our national parks and wilderness areas. The Yosemite Fund helps improve the park's infrastructure to help protect its fragile environment and improve how visitors interact with this wonderland of granite cliffs and waterfalls.
TopRepair's owner, Jim Heaphy, has been a blood donor for many years, and has donated well over 100 units of blood. His wife and partner Debra Heaphy has donated over 30 times. Find the hero in you. We encourage you to donate blood too.
TopRepair is a member of the International Surface Fabricators Association and the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce.
"Exceptional attention to all installation details."
Larry Balbierz
Walnut Creek, CA
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